Living with rosacea

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Herbs and Herbs?

I trained as an actor but now work in events and live in London.   Back in the day when I was pursuing life as a thespian, I also worked in the cosmetics industry- nobody tells you this at drama school but you don’t make any money as an actor!  I’ve learnt a great deal about skin and wellbeing over the years…as a result I’m pretty passionate about skincare, healthy living and all things beauty.  Look out for lots of blog posts related to the above!

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a poorly understood, long term skin condition that mainly affects the face. It can start with mild flushing and redness of the cheeks.  Symptoms can develop further and some people experience burning and stinging sensations, spots and permanent redness. You can calm and control symptoms of rosacea but you cannot get rid of it.

I was diagnosed with having Rosacea in 2012 and I’ve been learning to live with it ever since.  It has definitely been a tricky old path but in recent times I feel a lot more in control. I know more now about what works for my skin and what doesn’t through years of trial and error.  I hope to share lots of tips with you guys!

Living with Rosacea has shaped the way I think about my skincare and dietary habits massively.  I have wanted to start a blog for ages because there is such little information out there for sufferers.

I hope you enjoy Herbs and Herbs!