5 skincare hacks for happier skin

There are lots of things we can do to achieve happier skin. I’ve learnt that spending money on expensive skincare products isn’t necessarily the answer.  Here are 5 simple skincare hacks for healthier and happier skin- they won’t break the bank either.


1 . Balance your gut

What? Yep…balance that gut of yours. It’s said that taking a probiotic every day can help to balance the ‘fire’ inside you. Probiotics are full of good bacteria and they help maintain a healthy digestive system and boost your immune system which can help counteract acne and rosacea flare ups.

As someone living with rosacea, I have been told numerous times over the years about the benefits of taking a daily probiotic to help balance my gut and calm inflammation from within.

People always say that your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body and 9/10 they are right. A healthier gut = healthier skin.  I use Nature’s Best for all my skin supplement needs. They are excellent quality and affordable.


2. Wear SPF 

We all know that UVA and UVB rays are harmful and cause damage to our skin. The best way to protect yourself is by incorporating a high factor SPF into your daily skincare regime…even during the winter months. Those harmful rays are still very much there and can break through those clouds.  Wearing SPF is particularly important to those with rosacea as the sun’s rays are a common trigger for most sufferers.

Some of my favourite SPF products right now… the La Roche Posay Anthelios range and MGC Derma BB Concealer Repair Cream (little bit more expensive, but such an amazing product)


3. Say no to make up wipes

If you’re cleansing every day with make up wipes, I urge you to throw those awful things in the bin ASAP.  They do absolutely nothing for our skin. Well yes okay, they are quick and convenient after one too many gin & tonics… and okay they remove make up and that really amazing (but stubborn) water proof mascara…

BUT they definitely do not by any stretch of the word ‘cleanse’ your skin or offer anything of any nutritional value.  You are pretty much just rubbing make up and grime around your face when using wipes and all that residue is inevitably left behind… yuck…

The leftover make up and grime left behind  sits on the surface of the skin, potentially leading to clogged pores and unnecessary breakouts. I’m a big fan of cream cleansers. They lift dirt and make up and enable you to cleanse gently and thoroughly… there are loads out there, have a looky.  I use Dermaviduals and the Avéne Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion is also fab too.


4. Hydrate with water and get your beauty sleep

Water hydrates our skin from inside out, keeping it looking fresh and plump- who doesn’t want that?  We should be drinking two litres everyday! Add some lemon for an extra dash of detox… Or better still, coconut water (I think I love it almost as much as matcha).

Our skin heals and repairs itself overnight as we sleep, so if you’re guilty of clocking up less that 7 hours a night on a regular basis, it might be the reason why your skin isn’t looking as perky as it could do.

I definitely notice that my skin is more prone to flushing/ experiencing a rosacea flare up when I’m sleep deprived and dehydrated!


5. Use a face mask once or twice a week

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I love a good face mask.  It’s the perfect little addition to your skincare routine in order to keep that complexion of yours looking bright, fresh and radiant. Some of my favourite clays to use are:

Kaolin, Pink clay and Rhassoul Mud

Why use a clay mask? It’s really inexpensive and easy to do! I buy my clays online and simply add 1 or 2 tsp of clay with some water, then mix into a paste and apply to clean dry skin.

Whenever I use a mask I always notice how much softer and brighter my complexion looks and feels.  Clay masks gently buff away dead and dull skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin, revealing fresh new skin.  By buffing away the dead skin cells there is less chance of clogged pores and congested skin. Clay masks help draw impurities and grime from deep inside the pores which again reduces the chance of experiencing unwanted pimples.


Herbs and Herbs x


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Everything I blog about is all based on my personal experience living with rosacea and having a huge passion for skin and how it works.

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