The Ultimate Beauty Experience with Ingrid Raphael

Ingrid Raphael is a beauty therapist like no other. Your bespoke facial treatment is always crafted and devised on the day of your appointment.  It is not possible to book a treatment from a list of options at this therapy room, oh no.  Instead, you are invited to book  ‘time’ for Ingrid to work her wondrous and expert magic on your skin.

I was greeted with a lovely warm welcome as I arrived at Ingrid’s therapy rooms in Hackney, East London.  Prior to my visit, we had followed each other on Instagram for ages and I’d always been inspired by Ingrid’s holistic approach to beauty and skincare so I was VERY excited to finally be here. Don’t be fooled guys, she looks young (sign of an excellent skincare regime right?!) but this therapist knows her stuff. With over ten years of experience in the beauty industry, Ingrid now runs her own business with a 4 – 6 week waiting list for an appointment. Why? She’s bloomin good at what she does.


Only after a consultation, where Ingrid uses this opportunity to ask me about my skincare needs and habits both past and present (incredibly fascinating what you learn along the way if you’re a skincare geek like me, might I add…) do you get comfy on the warm and cosy heated bed  in the  therapy room. Ingrid takes a closer look at my skin under the light before my bespoke facial commences…


The Facial… 

I have rosacea and my skin is typically very reactive and prone to redness.  Ingrid talked a lot about the skin’s barrier function and how it can be compromised by certain skincare or lifestyle factors.  My specific facial treatment had a big focus on soothing redness and repairing my skin’s barrier function by nourishing my skin with various amazing Dermaviduals products (pictured).

Matcha & Chamomile Ice cubes…

A particular highlight of my facial (there were many) were the use of home made matcha and chamomile ice cubes that Ingrid massaged over my skin. So refreshing and packed full of amazing skin defending and soothing benefits. The Rose Quartz and Jade Rollers brought my skin back to life and beautiful clay masks cleansed and rejuvenated my complexion. I even had a little extraction work done around my chin….slightly gruesome but oh so good to get rid of all the London grime! Facial of Dreams.  When I left my skin felt plumper than it had felt in years and it looked incredibly radiant too. I actually couldn’t believe the transformation. Ingrid takes photos before and after and you really see a difference.

I can’t recommend Ingrid Raphael enough. Book yourself in and experience the magic for yourself.  As someone with a skin condition and who is quite apprehensive about flaring up, I felt at ease in Ingrid’s hands and had complete faith in her beauty knowledge and expertise.  She ensured I was comfortable for the entirety of my visit and no question or concern of mine was ever too much for her. Thank you Ingrid, I will be back in the new year!

You can find Ingrid on Instagram and

How exciting is this… if you quote ‘herbsandherbs’ when booking your first treatment with Ingrid you will get 25% off.




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