Holistic Facial with Alexandra Acupuncture

Describing herself as a holistic- plant based acupuncturist, Alexandra warmly welcomes me into her gorgeous clinic on South Molton Street in London one evening this December.  I’ve been following her on Instagram ever since I started up my own blog. I’ve always been gripped by Alexandra’s insightful posts related to wellbeing, acupuncture and that fabulous holistic facial of hers. I finally booked myself in for a treatment and let me tell you, the facial did not disappoint.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

After a little chat about my day to day lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve from the facial, Alexandra began by inserting tiny acupuncture needles all over my face… and even tinier ones around my eyes.Cosmetic Acupuncture is a non surgical approach to facial rejuvenation.  Facial acupuncture can help to reduce the signs of ageing and refresh the complexion by smoothing fine lines, reducing puffiness and stimulating collagen production. Radiant skin with a natural glow is the promised result given enough treatments. How fabulous! All the more reason to pass on the botox….

LED light therapy

Whilst the acupuncture needles remain gently planted in my skin, I relax under the LED lamp for around twenty minutes… enough time for the LED light and needles to work their magic.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is a non-invasive treatment that has multiple benefits for the skin and mind- very relaxing too might I add.

Red light stimulates the production of collagen and fights signs of ageing while blue LED light reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. A particularly effective treatment for someone like me who suffers from rosacea.

Gua sha & Facial Cupping

To conclude my holistic facial was a beautiful combination of gua sha massage and facial cupping. Best described as a heavenly facial and gym work out all in one.  Both methods of massage are SO incredible at naturally waking up the skin and rejuvenating every ounce of your face.

What is Gua sha?

A natural method of facial massage using a massage tool that helps to de-puff, relieve tension, improve circulation and drain lymph to name but a few. Your therapist massages an oil into your skin and sweeps the tool across your face as you relax.  Invigorating and stress busting- I highly recommend giving this a go.  As I’m sure is true to many others out there, I often store a lot of tension in my jaw.  Alexandra was amazing at using the gua sha tool to eliminate all of that muscle tension while I was in her clinic. See below for a pic of what gua sha facial tools look like.  They are often made from jade or rose quartz- and are are said to boast many healing properties themselves.


What is Facial Cupping?

Wake your face up with facial cupping. What a fun and invigorating approach to facial massage.  The suction created by the tool promotes increased blood circulation which can help to promote cell repair and give you that ‘glow’. It felt so amazing!

The facial cupping tool gently pulls and lifts your skin as it’s massaged over your face. You can literally feel the blood gently rushing to the surface of your skin.  Such a great feeling knowing that you’re eliminating all those toxins and giving your complexion a much needed boost (especially this time of year when the weather can make your complexion look so dull).

Alexandra mentioned she often uses her own facial cupping device most mornings as it’s great for helping to eliminate puffiness under the eyes. You can easily buy them online for next to nothing- I have made my purchase! Can’t wait to try it out at home.

Facial Cupping
I can’t thank Alexandra enough for such a gorgeous treatment – I left feeling refreshed and relaxed and my skin felt great. If you love all things holistic like me, I really recommend taking a peek at Alexandra’s clinic and treatments. She is fabulous.

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year everyone.

Herbs and Herbs x

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