Rosacea tips: 3 things I wish I’d known

Hey guys!

Been thinking lately how much a skin condition has the potential to consume and dictate your life. At the same time I also thought “but it doesn’t have to if you know what you’re doing and have the right knowledge” and THEN I thought, well I write a blog and have the Herbs and Herbs Instagram account dedicated to my rosacea journey… I should probably write something!

Over the last few years I have honed in on what helps me and I wanted to share 3 top tips I really wish someone told me when I first developed symptoms 5 years ago… Hope this helps!

  • 1 – Don’t physically exfoliate such a sensitive and reactive area of skin. It can cause flare ups and irritation. There are other ways to refresh your complexion and give your face a deep cleanse.  For example, I use natural clay masks every once in a while. They are very good at drawing out impurities while gently cleansing and rejuvenating the complexion.  I really recommend Soothe-Me Skincare Pink Clay and LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic. Both are super gentle, but super cleansing and softening.

Rosacea friendly face mask

  • 2 – Some ingredients in your skincare can cause unnecessary flare ups. Have a good look next time you are buying that new cleanser or whatever it might be! I am always careful when trying new skincare, but I feel confident and knowledgeable about what works and doesn’t work for me whilst choosing. I avoid products with Alchohol Denat (it’s too ‘stripping’ of my skin’s natural oils), Witch Hazel, anything too zesty like Citrus (lemon, lime etc) and surprisingly sometimes… Aloe Vera. How do I know when my skin isn’t happy? It starts to feel hot and tingly and turns blotchy. When this happens I’ll spritz some of my LUSH Eau Roma Water on a cotton wool pad and dab over my face. Then i’ll pop some La Roche Posay Rosaliac moisturiser on and normally my skin cools down quite quickly.
  • 3 – You CAN control your symptoms. Admittedly, there are and will be points when you feel like you are cursed with having red and blotchy skin forever. If like me, you get the rosacea spots, it can really affect your confidence. You must never give up on your quest to find what helps ease your rosacea symptoms! Whether it is a trip back to the doctor to tell them you need more guidance (I asked to be referred to a dermatologist and it was the best thing i ever did), or using the internet to read up on things like natural remedies and reviews of skincare products…it all helps and steers you in the right direction one step at a time. I’ve also found there is an amazing support network of people on Instagram who share some brilliant tips on how they control their rosacea. I often tag my posts with #rosacea and you naturally get talking with people who suffer from the same condition. It’s great!

Would love to know if you have any top tips you like to share!  Feel free to email me through my contact page or follow me on Instagram 


Herbs and Herbs x

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