The Power of Matcha

I love green tea! I think we all know this… There are tons of health benefits associated with sipping on a cup daily and on top of that I really love that slightly woody yet refreshing taste.  Didn’t think it could possibly get any better… then my friend told me about matcha. Cue photo of me holding a cup of matcha…


What is Matcha?

Essentially, matcha is a ‘super’ version of normal green tea as it contains well over ten times the nutritional value of a regular cup. Green tea is packed full of flavanoids  – “okay so what the hell is a flavanoid?” I hear you say… They are powerful antioxidants that protect and defend our body from cellular damage. So imagine the amazing super hero power a cup of matcha has over regular green tea!

How is it harvested?

Unlike green tea, matcha green tea bushes are grown under levels of shade which boosts their chlorophyll content and gives matcha it’s bright green colour. The chlorophyll is packed full of nutrients.  When it’s ready, the leaves are hand picked, dried and ground down into a fine powder.


Where can I buy matcha?

Most health food stores will sell matcha. I’m currently sipping on Pure Chimp’s matcha green tea and I’m loving everything about them. Amazing value, premium quality matcha and free delivery can’t be bad! They even give 5% of their profits to charity. I’d highly recommend them to anyone wanting to try matcha for the first time.  Pure chimp give you lots of ideas on how you can use your matcha powder. I normally use three parts almond milk to one part hot water and whisk in half a teaspoon of matcha to make a yummy matcha latte!

Rosacea and Matcha

If you love coffee but have rosacea, try giving matcha a go. High levels of caffeine sometimes trigger rosacea flare ups. Now while matcha does contain caffeine, it’s far less than a cup of coffee. What’s perfect about matcha is that it still contains enough to give you the energy boost you need to get your day off to a good start. What’s more, unlike matcha, coffee does not contain any notable health benefits. I love anything rich in antioxidants because I know it will be protecting and defending my skin, which is super important to me and my rosacea.  Give it a go! It’s really worth it.

Happy Matcha Drinking everyone!

HerbsandHerbs x

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