I’m on a never ending quest to find the best remedies and skincare to help treat my rosacea.  It’s actually being rather well behaved of late (phew) but i’ll never say no to anything that claims to help soothe and calm my skin.

I stumbled across a beautiful East-London based skincare brand called Soothe-Me at the Sutton House Christmas Market in Hackney last December.  They had a brilliant selection of skincare products on display with lots of lovely fresh testers to try, but my eyes were instantly drawn to the word “rosacea” on one of the moisturisers. After having a little chat with the aromatherapist and founder of Soothe-Me I purchased Skin Calm Cream. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I am very happy with the results! Would definitely recommend to anyone who suffers with rosacea. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soothed. When I wake in the morning my cheeks look calm (minimal redness, no itchiness and no dry patches) and skin feels soft.  What I love about the cream is that it’s made from natural ingredients and it’s really simple and stripped back.

What’s in it?

Evening Primrose – brilliant at retaining skin’s natural moisture content

Shea Butter – deeply moisturising and rich in the essential fatty acid oleic acid

Horse Chesnut Extract – said to beneficial in the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. Can help heal broken capillaries.

Lavender Essential Oil – Calming and soothing on the skin

Have a little peak at the website for a list of all the ingredients.  I’m sold with this product and it’s such a bargain at only £7.99!

Herbs and Herbs x

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