Tis the season..

Cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Red Wine, mulled wine, prosecco.

Late nights, Parties, sleep deprivation….


Such a fun and sociable time of year, but who is feeling a tad broken already? I’ve had quite a long week and with a couple of Christmas parties to top it all off I feel in desperate need of a little detox now. My rosacea really doesn’t get on well with too much alcohol or dairy so this time of year can be when my skin flares up a bit if i’m not careful. Here’s what i’ll be doing/ avoiding over the festive period to keep my skin as happy as poss:

  1. No coffee in the morning! Instead i’ll be drinking Green tea all the way. It’s the healthier option and still has a bit of caffeine to get the day going.
  2. Night in with a nice clay based Face mask to cleanse away all the partying and late nights 😮 I’ll probably use my fav mask from LUSH ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic‘ because it is super effective at making my skin feel fresh but it’s amazing at soothing and calming redness too. Full of anti-septic calamine powder & anti-inflammatory chamomile blue essential oil. Little tip… if you have rosacea like me, I would avoid a mask that exfoliates as that can irritate skin further.
  3. Drink a truck ton of water to hydrate and stay alert.  Sometimes my rosacea can be triggered by alcohol and I get little red bumps appear on my cheek. It tends to be when I drink red wine and prosecco in particular (if you have rosacea too, maybe stay away from these beverages). Drinking a substantial amount of water really does help prevent this from happening as much. Sounds so simple I know, but when I do drink, having a glass of water here and there keeps irritated skin at bay.
  4. Avoid cheese. My rosacea really, really doesn’t like cheese 😦 which is such a shame because I LOVE cheese. Admittedly, I do have a little bit from time to time  because, well it’s CHEESE, but I really notice a difference in my skin when I’ve over indulged. I get spots, my cheeks become aggravated and feel hot and red.
  5. Make a healthy smoothie! I’m thinking something full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to boost my flagging immune system….. maybe kale (a super food, full of vitamins), ginger (anti-inflammatory), blueberries (powerful anti-oxidant), oranges (vitamin C!) and chia seeds (excellent source of protein and omega 3). So yes, I’m going to dust down my smoothie maker and make myself a good ol’ smoothie!

Let me know if you have any tips to stay on the ball over xmas and new year!

herbs and herbs x


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