My winter skincare routine

During winter my skin has the ability to f-r-e-a-k out if I’m not careful.  If it’s not the freezing sub-zero temperatures outside causing havoc, I am normally battling against the central heating blasting out from all directions at home.

I’m such a believer in less is more when it comes to skin care.  Here is my typical day-to-day routine that works wonders at defending skin from the harsh, cold weather.



Coconut Oil is super moisturising and rich in Vitamin E; a powerful anti-oxidant that defends
our skin and can delay signs of ageing. What is an anti-oxidant? Quite simply, they prevent our cells from ‘oxidising’… Imagine a little warrior standing in front of our skin, fighting off free radicals that try to damage them! Coconut oil is also said to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too so it’s perfect if you get the odd blemish as it might help keep them at bay.

I massage a little coconut oil into my face and neck every morning and night. It is an excellent make up remover (even safe to use around the eyes!) as it melts everything away from the surface of the skin. Follow by rinsing off with a warm flannel.


After cleansing I spritz a little of this Lavender and Rose water from LUSH on my face and let it sink in. Lavender has a lovely balancing and calming effect while Rose file_001focuses on reducing redness and moisturing the skin.  I’ve used this for years and it always leaves my face feeling refreshed, soothed and nourished. A nice easy way to hydrate skin too!


La Roche-Posay are one of my all time favourite skin care brands. I’m a huge fan of the Rosaliac range in particular because it does wonders for calming my rosacea and keeping flare-ups at bay. La Roche-Posay UV Legere with SPF 15 (to protect skin from UV & UVA rays…important!) leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soothed.  This moisturiser has a slight green tint too, which helps counfile_002teract redness. I use this every morning before applying make up.

Fast forward to the evening and you’ll catch me using the Rosaliac AR Intense Serum on my face before going to sleep. It’s very rich (which i love) and sinks in nicely leaving my skin feeling super soft and intensively moisturised…not a patch of dry skin in sight! A particularly fabulous product for anyone with red-prone skin too as it’s focus to soothe and calm.


Drink water! Best way to stay hydrated

Avoid using soap-based cleansers as they can over-dry skin

SLEEP (it’s when our skin cells renew and refresh…)

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