Herbs and Herbs… and blog!

img_4603I’ve wanted to start up a blog about all things all things rosacea, skincare and wellbeing for ages. So I finally got round to doing it and Herbs and Herbs was born.

I’m Emma. 29 years old and I live in London. If you haven’t already read my intro, I have rosacea.  There really isn’t much of a forum out there for people with rosacea symptoms and it’s such a tricky thing to control and live with.  I definitely felt very isolated and alone when I first started having symptoms and for ages I didn’t know what was best for my skin or how to help control flare ups.  This is the main reason I felt so passionate about starting up something like this and sharing some of the things i’ve learnt over the last couple of years.

fullsizerender-3I’ve had times where my confidence and self esteem were affected massively because my skin was red, blotchy and sore with these horrible red bumps that looked liked spots but weren’t spots. It felt like they’d never budge.  I’d scrub, over cleanse and try anything and everything to cover it up.  I was clueless and frustrated that all of a sudden my skin had turned on me and was misbehaving.


As well as learning how to help control flare ups through trial and error, I’ve been lucky enough to see some very lovely doctors and dermatologists over the last two years or so, who acknowledged that rosacea and self esteem are very connected and put me on the right path of treatment for my type of rosacea.

I love what nature’s ingredients can do for your wellbeing, health and skin.  We spend so much money on things that don’t do much most of the time! I’ll be posting lots about skincare, remedies and life’s musings so have a little look from time to time if you fancy some inspo!

Herbs and Herbs x



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